Elite Artists Circuit III BENEFIT - Ho Chi Minh - VietNam January 7, 2020

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We are coming!!! Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam,
 January 4th 2020. 9-00 AM 
Adora Center, 

Newest PMU Techniques, Biggest Show Ever! Improve Your Skills with BEST ARTISTS AROUND THE WORLD.

On January 4 at 9:00am at THE ADORA CENTER, Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, join Maryann Hoang, co-founder of MicroPMU Art Academy and Vani Nguyen VaniInk, LLC, along with an extraordinary cadre of many internationally renowned first class artists and get up close and personal as each Master demonstrates and discusses their unique methodologies for performing the latest and most dazzling permanent makeup techniques.  

You will have the chance to closely observe them at work, get all of your questions answered, participate in guided practice, and, most importantly, try your hand at MaryAnn's newly developed leading edge permanent makeup machine, The Vaniink, which is on its way to becoming an industry game changer.  Coupled with the finest in European-standard pigments which have been meticulously formulated by her company, see and feel for yourself the ease with which the most beautiful and flawless work is created.

The powerful, yet quiet and stable Vaniink Machine houses a strong Japanese motor which can be used for both permanent makeup and conventional tattooing.  Its has an outstanding capacity to produce fast and lasting color implantation, immaculate lining and shading and takes PMU to a new level as a result of its unique ability to be used with both traditional cartridges and acupuncture needles. In the hands of the passionate artist, The Vaniink Machine safely and effortlessly creates the most beautiful pixelation effect for pillowy, fluffy powder brows - the look that has taken over the permanent makeup world!  No other machine on the market has this capability.  When used with Vaniink pigments, artists are assured their work will become widely known for crisp and stunning long term results and exquisite color trueness.

Book your spot in this unforgettable event.  You are guaranteed to leave with a new perspective on your business and a collection of invaluable learning experiences which you can apply to your practice right away.  Take your place above your competition, don’t miss this unique and priceless learning experience!  Only $200 per ticket, an exceptional value for the opportunity to dialogue with and learn from some of the brightest minds in the industry. 

Joanna Ogrodnik - Ombré lip

Monika Matymia - Velvet Brows

Anna Anat Revzin - Soft eyeliner 

Linh Thuy Diem - Pencil effect brow shading 

Luu thi hai Yen - Flash lip 

My Dinh - Hollywood Ombré brow 

Monika Ochla - Ombré brow 

Neli Dimitrova - Lady Brows

Nadine Lombard Minns - Lipstick Look Lip 

Thomas Hai Nguyen - Flat Solution Machine Stroke Brow 

Maryann Hoang - MH Evolution Brow 

Vivian nguyen - No Anesthetic lip effect 

Mae Roma - Candy Lip With No Anesthetic 

Faye Bermuda - Perfect Powder Brow 

Mrs Tram - Micro shading brow 

Bao Nhi - Lip

Piotr Fliger - Scalp Micropigmentation 

Sylwestra Hasan Makijaz - Lollipop Lip 

Suzanne Nguyen - Lighting Lips

Mai Kim Phan - Realistic UFlat Machine Stroke Eyebrow 

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